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Innovation infrastructure development in the corporate / industrial world as a core competency is built, cultivated and sustained not hired or bought, so we help you build it.  There are no silver bullets in innovation, but there are best practices based on your situation.

We are a solutions firm that specializes in industrial innovation methods and practices, we help you to identify under-performing areas and then help you to develop a customized set of innovation management practices, processes and metrics that fit your organization, and show you how to deploy that into your organization - embedding the competency.

Private Workshops that We Offer:

  • Systematic Innovation for Manufacturing and Design engineers
  • Systematic Innovation for Software Engineers and Architects
  • Systematic Innovation for Business and Management
  • Advanced Systematic Innovation Methods (Tech. Forecasting, Business portfolio pathfinding, to name a couple)
  • Leadership for Innovation - Technology evaluation and forecasting for executives, mid-level managers and technical leaders
  • Design for Innovation in Manufacturing (DfIM)
  • Design for Organizational Innovation (DfOI)
  • Systematic Innovation Methods Instruction, Coaching and Mentoring
  • Innovation Infrastructure, including Innovation Pipeline Development and Systems
  • Innovation Instructor "train the trainer" training
  • Process and procedures for Innovation and IP (Intellectual Property) Development and Management
  • Performance management systems for Innovation and IP

Skill-set Development We Help With:

  • Strategy Development (before making a decision on what to innovate - achieve leverage first)
  • Innovation Management - using inventive tools do not make a company more innovative, it is the process they are embedded into and used consistently that does
  • Key operational indicators for improving innovation success; "It's not Failure, it's Rapid Proto-Typing" - (the trick is to embed the innovation practices within your business processes so that the risk of failure is actually diminished).
  • Innovation Champion instruction - includes Change Agency tools to be more effective in the desired change.

So tell us about your situation and we'll help guide you through the process of transformation to the next level of organizational and individual performance.  we're here to to offer the best practices in innovation without the hype.

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